Here are some compositions and improvisations that I have made in the last years. Most of them are concerned with exploring the multifaceted soundlandscape of the grand piano and uses extended pianotechniques. This link leads to my personal homepage. Here you will also find videos that shows how some of these Sonic effects are produced.

Improvisation is an art intimately linked to listening. It has been likened to walking backwards into a new landscape: You are holding in your mind the remembrance of the music you have just made while creating fresh new roads that evolve and grow out of what has gone before.  At the same time you are also aware of the future musical consequences of the current choices you are making.

A good improviser needs indeed to have a streak of schizofrenia, of the ability to split herself up and be several places at once. The difference, how ever, between the schizofrenic mind and the music-creating mind is that in Music there is no split-of-from-reality but rather a rising above the false perception of the limitation of time. Every choice carries with it its logical consequences according to what has gone before, like the growth pattern of a tree. But in order to perceive this while improvising we need to listen deeply and to use our listening as a way into that special state of awareness which opens up this wide-angled auditive view.

If you wish to read more about the facinating subject of improvisation I highly recomend the following two books:

Freeplay A great book by a great Author and a must for anyone wanting to delv deeply into the art of listening, exploring and creating.


Ind-i-Musikken A tour de force of exploring which winds its way along a zig-zaging trail of topics.

Sadly I do not think it is accessible in English as of yet.

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